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In 2023, I graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Film Directing at the Edinburgh College of Art, earning a distinction. I specialize in telling stories in a light-hearted, intimate, poetical, and thoughtful manner. My goal is to share stories about people that deserve more attention in our complex world.


In 2019, I graduated in Audiovisual Media from the HKU - University of the Arts Utrecht in the Netherlands, specializing in documentary filmmaking. Some of the highlights from my time there include my second-year film, 'The Art of Life' (2017), which was screened at the Go Short - International Short Film Festival '18 in the Go Ahead program, as well as my internship in TV program development and work experience in Uganda.


Between 2019 and 2022, I gained work experience as a researcher and director in the Dutch creative industry, for Dutch public broadcast and branded content. In 2021, I received a fund from the Go Short - International Short Film Festival after winning the Gelderland Film Pitch 3. This allowed me to realize my personal film plan about unconditional love and grief (Synchronous, 2022).


In September 2022, I started my one-year master's in Film Directing at the Edinburgh College of Art after receiving four scholarships. The course helped me focus on developing my visual style and voice as a director, with Emma Davie and Ling Lee as my tutors. Besides that, I was nominated as a class representative, which developed my communication skills over the year. My documentary item, 'Four Phonecalls of Anxiety' (2022), was runner-up in the Voice Magazine UK contest of the Summer Showcase. My graduation documentary 'Luna in Wonderland' (2023) is in distribution. Currently, I am working freelance in researching, concept development, directing and editing. 



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