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I tell stories about society with film in a creative, narrative way.


 I create narrative-solid content in tune with the client's vision.


I research and direct urgent yet accessible stories for broadcast.

"The most lonely thing about being human is that everybody only lives in their body and mind. I want to cross this border and open conversations through documentaries.

Sophie van Bree


I am Sophie van Bree (1995), a Dutch documentary filmmaker based in Edinburgh. As a documentary filmmaker, I am inspired by curiosity for people’s inner worlds. Mostly I’d like to explore themes linked to human interest, themes combined with psychology, (cultural) anthropology, and philosophy. Specific themes I dived into are universal topics about love, grief, generations, and mental health. Capturing society-focused stories and shining a little (spot)light on humanity in a light-hearted, moving, and insightful way is my passion.

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