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I utilize film as a medium to creatively narrate stories that shed light on various aspects of our society.


I produce high-quality content that aligns with the client's vision and tells a compelling story.


I create captivating, persuasive, and easily understandable narratives that are suitable for broadcasting.

"The most lonely thing about being human is that each person only lives in their own body and mind. I aspire to bridge that boundary by creating documentaries that open conversations."

- Sophie van Bree


My name is Sophie van Bree, and I am a Dutch documentary filmmaker who works internationally. I am passionate about human behavior and the differences between the inner and outer worlds of people. I explore human-interest themes in a way that is personal and brings people together. With my focus on documentary directing and mental health, I capture stories that are focused on society and shine a light on humanity in a way that is insightful, moving, and heartwarming.

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